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Where adventure and coastal preservation collide, by land, sea, and catching air

There is more to Newquay than just surf, we also have some of the most stunning kayaking and stand up paddle boarding in the county, with both tidal river estuary and sea routes on our doorstep. There is also a growing tribe of coasteerers, and of course Newquay is a mecca for those walking the South West Coast Path. When participating in one of these other activities, you slow down, and get up close and personal with areas of the coastline you’d otherwise miss; it’s a chance to see the beauty, but also an opportunity to spot the blemishes.

A few months ago the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) ran training for the OAIA students on Great Western Beach, on how to conduct coastal cleaning surveys and record the data accurately for reporting and lobbying purposes (we covered it here on the blog…)

The MCS fights a multifaceted campaign for a “cleaner, better-protected, healthier ocean”, but one of its main strategies is the collection of accurate beach data in order to drive social, political and environmental change. Globally “an estimated 11 million tonnes of plastics enter our ocean” every year, and it’s predicted that “29 million metric tonnes of plastic is expected to enter the ocean every year by 2040”

The UK coastline is under attack from all sides, with rubbish either washed in with the swell, or blown into the ocean from land. So our friends at the OAIA, Bodyboard Holidays & Women + Waves, have come up with an ingenious 3 pronged attack to clean up Newquay’s coastline from every angle, and raise funds for the MCS Education team in the process.

On 6th July 2023 paddlers, coasteerers and ocean lovers of all denominations will unite, to take action and fundraise in aid of Newquay’s marine environment…after all, we all share the same ocean.

Introducing Newquay’s Plastic Wipeout, where adventure and coastal preservation collide, by land, sea, and catching air; proof that cleaning can be exciting!

There’ll be 3 clean-up crews to choose from. Which salt water tribe will you join?

  • The Paddlesports Clean-Up Crew

Join a flotilla of paddle boards and kayaks that will cruise across the stunning Gazzle (the water on the north side of Little Fistral) cleaning up any floating plastic and rubbish in their path. Enjoy a relaxing paddle amongst the stunning tea caverns, exploring secret caves, spotting seals and seabirds as you go; led by a qualified guide to show you all the best spots. You’ll have an adventure whilst helping preserve this beautiful marine environment. 

To join the Flotilla requires a donation of £25 (to go to the MCS), in return for which you’ll be supplied with a wetsuit and either a SUP or Kayak. Participants must be over 8 years old.

  • The Coasteer Clean Up Crew

Want to take a leap? Join an adventure coasteer through the intertidal zone, where the ocean meets the land. You’ll be clearing up rubbish along the coastline and in caves; jumping off rock jumps into deep water plunge pools and low level climbing from one point to the next.  Join the gang and help the cause! Enjoy an awesome adventure and raise money. A donation of £40 (to the MCS) to join this crew is required. Participants must be over 8 years old.

  • The Coast Path Clean Up Crew

The land-crew will be litter picking along the coast path. Members of the public are welcome to join the land-crew, just show up with your bag, gloves (we will have a limited amount to supply to volunteers) and join the team as they clear the coast of rubbish.

Want to join Newquay’s Plastic Wipeout?

When and Where:

Meeting point: Towan Headland (Little Fistral) Car Park – by the old Lifeboat station

When: Thursday 6th July at 6pm

(Please note, the start time for the Coasteering, Kayaking & Paddleboarding will be 5:15pm, meeting at Newquay Activity Centre)

Ways you can get involved…

  • Join the Coasteering Clean-up Crew. Tickets are £40 per person – all proceeds go towards the Marine Conservation Society.
  • Join the Paddlesports Clean Up Crew. Tickets are £25 per person – all proceeds go towards the Marine Conservation Society.

Get your tickets here:

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