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Meet Our Friend Mike Warner

Born in 1970 in Stoke Newington, London, Mike has been coming to Newquay for 45 Years. Drawn by the waves and all the options for outdoor pursuits Mike feels really at home here. Mike was introduced to surfing in the mid 1990’s… and the rest is history.

Mike loves all physical activities, all types of bike riding, skateboarding and more recently standup paddle boarding, but his first love is surfing.

In fact Newquay and his love of surfing played a large part in his chosen career; Mike made the decision to do the knowledge of London and become a London Black Taxi Driver, a job that gives him the flexibility to travel and surf more regularly! 

Mike loves all the beaches at Newquay but he states 

My absolute favourite is Great Western for a multitude of reasons including the scenery when in the water, the lovely historic harbour and headland to the left and the lovely bays, cliffs and Trevose Head etc to the right. Adam, Dale, Ben and Pip have all been such a pleasure to deal with and helped me improve so much. I usually now come by train (as on holiday from driving after all!) and stay in the nearest and coincidentally favourite hotel, the Great Western so I’m straight in and out of the water each day.

The idea of surfing twice a day never really occurred to me but now I am eagerly awaiting my first surf as soon as the sun’s up and I see it’s on from the hotel window. Then Dale inspired me to eat chill and repeat in the afternoon, which I’m absolutely loving. Definitely catching a few more waves in amongst all the paddling and wipeouts from the guidance and extra time in the water as well as meeting some great people and feeling like nothing else can make you feel after a good session.

Thanks for sharing your story Mike. We love your enthusiasm, and look forward to seeing you when you’re next back down at Great Western.