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Please Take All Of Your Rubbish With You When You Leave The Beach

Please be aware that there are no public bins on Great Western Beach as the council have removed them. We are the guardians of Great Western Beach, but as a small independent business, cannot possibly manage the removal of all general rubbish on the beach without your help and cooperation.

We have a waste reduction plan in place for our business, and our customers. We are phasing out glass almost completely, and we do not allow any glass on the beach.

However, if you are a general beach visitor, please be responsible and limit the amount of packaging and disposable material you bring with you to the beach, and please most importantly, take dog poo bags and all rubbish away with you when you leave. There are council bins at the top of the hill.

If you can carry it down, please be prepared to carry it back up. Thank you for playing your part in keeping Great Western clean & healthy.

By leaving only footprints, you’re helping the ocean out a lot

The beach is as you found it, an unchanged, natural beauty spot

We hope you’ll be back tomorrow, or at least one day you’ll return

To paradise, just as you left it, on the beach at Great Western

credit, Keaton Stanley, aged 12

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