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Great Western is A Literal Hidden Gem… So Here’s How to Find Us

Great Western beach is nestled in the heart of Newquay bay. At low tide it is connected up with the other town beaches and forms part of a vast expanse of breathtaking golden sand. At mid to high tide it’s a secret spot, revered by locals and joyfully ‘discovered’ by tourists who stumble across it.

Between The Great Western Hotel & Koncept Gym, you’ll find a path, known as ‘The Slope’

There is no huge pay and display carpark, and no vehicular access to the beach at all actually (which we think is a good thing!). From Cliff Road there is an alleyway that runs between The Great Western Hotel & Koncept Gym, this is the path, known as ‘The Slope’ that winds itself scenically down to the sand. It’s paved, so easy underfoot and nice and wide, so a very pedestrian friendly route.

Half way down the hill there are a couple of view points with probably the best view of Newquay bay, and a west facing vantage point for glorious sunsets. This is when you know you’ve left the stress and bustle of central Newquay in your wake, and you have arrived in the sanctuary which is the Great Western Beach complex. You can relax now, you have arrived in paradise.

Great Western is an Independent Business

Our independent beach complex is a small family business, run by Cornish fisherman and long boarding legend Adam Griffiths, his wife and fellow surfer Holly, and their tribe of salt water warriors. The Great Western Surf Café is the heart of the beach complex, it’s the perfect place to kick back, relax and soak up the beach bar vibe. With stunning ocean views, freshly prepared food, and friendly service, it’s an unpretentious hang-out, a hidden gem, and a locals favourite.

Whether you’re arriving by train or not, the Railway Station is a useful place to navigate from. It’s just a few minutes walk from the beach.

  • Exit the railway station on to the high street and turn right. Some of the signage points to beaches being to the left, but ignore that.
  • To get to Great Western Beach you want to walk away from Aldi with the sea on your left, approx 70 metres towards the Great Western Hotel.
  • Just before the Great Western Hotel there is a paved pathway to the left which is a pedestrianised walkway down to the beach.
  • The path is in between Koncept Gym (big black building) and The Great Western Hotel (big cream building). It is a very ‘local’ looking pathway, not flashy signs & no tourist carpark. This is part of Great Western’s charm , it is a hidden gem, tucked away from the crowds and undiscovered by most people

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