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Surf Hire Newquay rents Surfboards, Bodyboards & Wetsuits Right Here On Great Western Beach

Do you know that Surf Hire Newquay, Newquay’s number 1 provider of surf hire equipment and wetsuits, is based right here on Great Western Beach?

You don’t need to lug your equipment across town, or even carry it up the hill at the end of the day. Keep things simple, and save your energy for catching waves!

Start your day right!

You can stroll down to the beach, as light as a feather, and simply rent everything you need from right here on the sand. At the end of the day you can either return it, or discuss our options for multi-day rental packages.

Energy Saving Tip To Ensure You Catch More Waves

It’s easy and hassle free. Surf Hire Newquay are right here on the sand of Great Western Beach.

Save energy & reduce stress by renting your board & wetsuit right here on the beach.

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